Black Long Compression Pants
Black Long Compression Pants

Black Long Compression Pants

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The item is designed to provide specific support and comfort you need for your workout, cycling, running, training, competing, skating, snowboarding and all seasons sports and activities. UV Protection - 99.2% blocks harmful rays when outdoors for extended periods of time. Fitted design keeps everything tight to the body for maximum support during high-performance activity

We've complemented high-quality material with double-stitched seams for athletic wear that will last you for ages, with the stylish design ensuring you look sharp when shooting.

The soft non-irritating material of these men's basketball shorts feels great on the skin, making them the best pants for relaxing in the house, VENTILATED MESH PANEL keeps these running leggings nice and keeps you feeling cool even during grueling marathon training sessions.

ACTIVE USE: Training & Competition, Aerobic Sports, Running/Walking/Cycling, Gym & Fitness, General Sports, Paddle & Water Sports, Climbing & Hiking


  • Polyester-Spandex Material: enhanced range of motion making it ideal for all types of sports and athletics
  • Elasticity and Breathability: Ultra-thin fabrics are great for sports that require quickness and agility
  • Moisture sensing, quick dry, dual-path air circulation for optimal performance and comfort
  • Improved performance and agility
  • Reduced muscle stiffness, soreness, and swelling
  • Graduated stamping technology with over foot compression
  • Graduated compression increases venous return, helping with removal of blood lactate for faster muscle repair and recovery


    • Material: Polyester-Spandex which enhances the range of motion making it ideal for all types of sports and athletics
    • Package Included: 1*Pants

    Size Chart: (Stretchable)

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