Baseball Leg Knee Long Sleeve

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This protective gear - knee long sleeves with usual length pads designed by COOLOMG is breathable and comfortable. Because it uses excellent fabric and refined compression technology. Anti-slip which is great for excellent sports performance.  Fit for Baseball, football, basketball, Indoor, and Outdoor.

Benefits of Compression:

  • Enhanced blood circulation as a result of improved venous return. This means that deoxygenated blood goes back to the heart faster to improve the blood flow of oxygen-rich blood back to the body
  • Faster recovery following strenuous exercise by aiding in the removal of blood lactate through improved circulation.
  • Enhanced warm-up via increased skin temperature.
  • Reduced muscle oscillation and vibration upon ground contact, providing stability to the muscle to help prevent micro-trauma, resulting in a faster and easier recovery.
  • Reduced effects of delayed onset muscle soreness in the days following strenuous exercise through alleviating swelling and inflammation.
  • Increased muscle support, which increases performance through improved muscle efficiency.
  • Improved leg power and vertical jump power through enhanced proprioception.
  • Package Included: 1Piece (sold as a single sleeve)
  • 100% New Brand
  • Material: High-Quality Soft & Elastic Polyester Fabric+EVA Pads
  • Size: XS, S (For kids), M, L, XL

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